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2007 Looking Ahead
No 1 word answers please. Explain your replies.
In 2007....
will you try to eat healthier?:jap, try to achieve the golden 100
will you take up some form of excercise?:I wanna study sports, so hell YES
what new things will you try to learn?:self-discipline and some sports
will you try to improve your financial situation?:oh yes, I hate being broke
are there any bad habits you hope to break?:mmmh, my laziness that caused anything bad in the past
are there any fears you'd like to try and overcome?:my fear to lose someone... I'm not alone at all
will there be any lifelong goals you'll try to accomplish?:stay strong and on the track of whatever matters
will you move to a new place?:maybe in a house with my boyfriend...
what new things will you try for fun and adventure?:a trip to cuba ?
will you try a new look?:no, I'm happy with my look
will you try to eat something you've never had before?:no, i'm to picky for that
will you be getting any tattoo's?:I don't think so, I'm too scared
will you be getting any piercings:s.o.
will you try a new hairstyle or color?:maybe. depends
will there be any charities you'll be active in?:mmmh, save Carmen?
Holidays and Occasions
Have you made any new years resolutions?:to achieve my goals and drink less alcohol
Do you have any plans on keeping them?:stay on the track
If you fail before the year is up, is that it or you gonna try again?:depends
Do you have a Valentine?:yes, my beloved boyfriend
If not, do you want one?:-
What do you want for your birthday in 07?:spikes to pass the SEP
Will you party for St Patricks day?:i don't think so, isn't that important for me
How about Mardi Gras?:nope
What would make Christmas in 07 the best ever?:to see my boyfriend on 24th
This Or That
2007; New beginning or Same old shit:New beginning
See what life brings or Make things happen:make things happen
Single life or a serious relationship:serious
New love or Make a current love stronger:current srtonger
Party more or Party less:less
New Job or Raise/promotion at the current:both
Work harder or Relax more:work harder
Save money or Stop being so cheap:both
Travel more or stay home more:travel
Make new friends or Spend more time with current friends:both
Top 5's
Top 5 Places to go in 07:Galway, Cuba?, USA?, Berlin, Stuttgart
Top 5 Famous people to meet in 07:
Top 5 People to see more in 07:Vicky, Nina, Julia, Natalie, Matze
Top 5 Things to do in 07:Pass the SEP, pass the Latin test, change my studies, work and train harder, see my boyfriend more
Top 5 Ways to improve yourself in 07:being optimistic again, find self-confidence, take a break and relax, read more, smile and laugh more
And Finally
One new years wish to make your 07 truly Happy:I wish that luck's on my side this time...
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